Thursday, 4 January 2018

Date Night!

Allen and I haven't always done a great job with going on dates regularly. I have a goal this year to go on a date once a week with him. Tonight was our first. It was great. We went to a restaurant that the parents of one of my students own. Fun experience! Every table has a BBQ for you to BBQ your meat. I also BBQd the raw fish we got with our sushi.

After we ate, Allen needed to refresh with a rest. The first Thursday of the month is free night at The Glenbow and I have not been able to go so I decided to quickly take off and check it out for an hour. My favorite things to see there is  Mavericks. I especially love the room dedicated to the women who fought for the vote.

Downtown Calgary is beautiful in the winter:

Jill's New Year's in New York

Jill used her time off for New Year's to go to New York with her friends, Erienne and Yasmine. It was a great adventure! It took them a while to get there - 27 hours of stand by in Montreal - but that's part of the adventure, right?!

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year!

For years we have spent our New Year's Eve time facilitating fun for kids. Since New Year's Eve was on a Sunday this year the church organized the youth dance for Saturday night instead. Suddenly Allen and I were met with the idea of doing something we wanted to do on this night.


What should we do?

Luckily Rod and Jan invited us over! We watched The Book Thief and were home by midnight. It was perfect. :)

 All was still. All was bright...and beautiful.
And cold!!